Albus Capital

We will respond to customer's needs in a wide range of fields.

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About Us

Open source and lower initial cost

Non-stop system with HA cluster

Reduce TCO by virtualization

  • Open Source
  • Cluster system
  • Server virtualization
  • Storage solution
  • Network solution

System development

We develop software development and web application development according to customer's needs.

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We mainly develop with open source such as PHP · Postgres · Apache combination (LAMP), but we can respond flexibly to the platform according to customer's request. There are various achievements such as EC site construction and CMS customization.

  • Electronic Commerce
  • CMS Customize
  • web application development
  • Social NetWorking Site
  • Mobile System Development

Latest case

We introduce case examples and introduction examples of customers who are using products.

A trading company

From customers using Lotus Domino, consult a new solution centered on e-mail. Introduction of Exchange 2007 server system.


Introduced a VPN router at each site instead of ISDN. The VPN router used the XR series of CenturySystems which is inexpensive to install.

Electronic related manufacturer

Basic construction and installation of a file server using Samba and LDAP to reduce the cost of Windows CAL

Meet the top consultants

We introduce some of the personnel in charge of services provided by Albus Capital.

Roger Garfield

Roger Garfield

Project leader

Contributing to system provision with members in response to customer's needs.

Roger Garfield

Kevin Steve

System Engineer

Manage so that business can be carried out smoothly by deploying it inside the team.

Roger Garfield

Ross Standford

Server engineer

Design and build on virtualization infrastructure of cloud service providers.